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Business Forum Company Presentation FAQs

March 19, 2013
Most know the BIO Business Forum as the place where Partnering happens. The big space where the booths are made! There's also another component to the Business Forum, which our seasoned attendees are very familiar with, the Company Presentations. Don't be fooled by the name - there are actually all types of presentations at this event, from Patient Advocacy Groups and pediatric institutions, to the more traditional leading biopharma and emerging international companies. They're a staple at all of our business development events, and this year they'll be front and center at the Business Forum.

As a presenting company, the presentations add another level of exposure to one's participation at the Business Forum (as noted below, presenters typically receive twice as many meeting requests, and end up scheduling more meetings than non-presenting companies). We wanted to go over some of the common questions we get when talking about this opportunity, so please read below for the most frequently asked questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who can present?

A: Biotech and pharma companies, as well as a variety of other organizations who work in these areas. The majority focus on therapeutics and are R&D heavy with clear pipelines. Other companies who present range from environmental biotechs, to CROs/CMOs, Patient Advocacy Groups, universities, and more.

Q: Why present?

A: This is a great way to reach out to a global audience to increase your visibility in the biotech world, as well as create more partnering meetings with top executives and investors. Presenting companies tend to receive more than twice the amount of meeting requests than non-presenting companies, and end up scheduling close to twice as many meetings!

In addition, presenting companies receive additional exposure in myBIO, are invited to exclusive webinars focused on presentation skills, and onsite promotion.

Q: How do I submit an application?

A: Please visit, and click on the link to apply. (There is also other important information available on this page.) Once you submit an application, it will be reviewed, and you will be notified if your company was selected to give a presentation.

Q: Who will attend the presentations?

A: While company presentations are a part of the BIO Business Forum, presentations are open to all International Convention attendees.

Q: Where will the presentations be held within the Convention?

A: This year, company presentations will be held right outside the main entrance of the BIO Business Forum.

Q: Where do I find the current list of presenters?

A: You can find the list in myBIO by clicking here. It's updated on a daily basis with newly confirmed companies. Presenters are also designated in the BIO One-on-One Partnering System with a "P" symbol in their profiles, so be on the lookout for that when you're requesting meetings!

Q: What registration pass do I need to present?

A: You must purchase either Full Convention Access or Convention Access & Partnering pass. A package can always be upgraded if needed. Register here!

Q: Are there any additional fees associated with presenting?

A: Yes. In addition to purchasing one of the packages listed above, it is an additional $795 for BIO members and $1,195 for BIO non-members. (Sponsorship is not required to give a presentation.)

Q: Are there options to help smaller companies get a chance to present?

A: We have the Buzz of BIO competition. Companies can enter to win free registration and a free company presentation in the BIO Business Forum. The winner is decided by voters who believe the company to be the most interesting and innovative. Nominations are being submitted as we speak, and the deadline to submit is Friday, March 22. Voting will then begin the following week.

Q: Who can I contact for more information?

A: Please email Sondra at

More information on company presentations can be found at We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!