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Business Partnering opens for the BIO World Congress #BIOWC16

March 15, 2016
BIO has officially opened One-on-One Partnering™, BIO’s proprietary software system, today for the 2016 BIO World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology. The 2016 World Congress has become the preeminent conference for connecting venture capital with promising industrial biotech companies. BIO One-on-One Partnering™ makes it easy to identify potential partners online, request meetings, and schedule meetings during your time at the World Congress on Industrial Biotechnology.

On Wednesday, March 09, 2016, BIO held and recorded a BIO Partnering: Steps for Success at BIO World Congress Webinar to advise attendees how to get the most out of their Partnering meetings. The Webinar highlighted what’s new for the 2016 Congress, including some first time participating companies. The Webinar also included an interview with Ray Miller, 2016 BIO World Congress Program Committee Member, formerly a leader at both Verdezyne and Dupont, who provided insights into the business environment surrounding partnering and tips for achieving partnering success:

“Even companies like Dupont don’t have everything it takes anymore in the supply chain to make a successful business. So they have to partner with feedstock suppliers and people downstream…”

“There’s been tremendous innovation in industrial biotech tools, and the small companies are the focus of that innovation. The big companies are finding out that in order to get access to the innovation that’s occurring they need to partner and reach out to the small companies. The small companies need to fill in the gaps from feedstocks all the way to the market, so they need to partner as well. So small companies and big companies both have a need to partner, and they are finding the tools available at World Congress are a very good way to do that.”

“Sending enough people is important so you can divide and conquer because you may end up having more meetings than timeslots available. Sometimes the meetings you didn’t anticipate turn out to be the better meetings, so you need enough timeslots in your schedule.”

“One of the things VCs are looking for are the gaps that you fill in the supply chain… how are you connecting the dots in the supply chain. They want to understand how you are de-risking the technology. They want to know the stages of scale-up that you’ve gone through. They want evidence that you have a customer that likes what you’re doing, and is going to buy your product. ”

“There are many conferences out there and lots of different places you can learn about the technologies, but only World Congress is big enough, broad enough, while offering a deep dive to understand how the technology relates to the business world and the markets… it covers the elements you need to go from soup to nuts. If there’s one conference you want to make sure you go to, it’s the BIO World Congress.”

Viewers also received a tutorial of the partnering system, including a look at one of this year’s newest features which allows attendees to access all the conference programming in the parenting system. The tutorial included strategies on how to get the most partnering meetings at World Congress.

In 2015, the BIO World Congress hosted 1,400 partnering meetings among 720 companies in 3 days - a 40% increase from 2014! We expect to surpass these numbers in 2016.

All registration types provide Partnering Access. If you want dedicated, private meeting space for your meetings all week, contact our Sales team today!

Meet and network with 1,200 attendees from 50 countries at the world's largest industrial biotechnology event of the year! For more information on partnering and this year’s conference, please visit:!