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To Cancel or Not to Cancel

June 6, 2012
That is the question! And one that is going to come up quite a bit as we get closer to the BIO International Convention, and so we wanted to address it.

You learned all about the Scheduling Process in a previous post, such as what is a delegate's responsibility, like updating your availability, and what BIO takes care of for you, such as assigning actual space to your meetings. On the note of availability, we certainly understand that things come up, and the meeting you thought could take place now needs to be moved, or even cancelled entirely. But there are key differences between cancelling and re-scheduling. Important differences, and we'll outline them here.

If you need the meeting to take place at another time, that's a reschedule request. Say, you got pulled off-site, a particular session caught your eye, or you realized you have back-to-back meetings for five hours and you know what? You'll need to eat. We get it, and we can take care of it for you. This is when you'll want to re-schedule a meeting, i.e. you still want it to actually take place.

To cancel a meeting, you've decided you can no longer meet with the company in question. For instance, your schedule is booked, but President Obama just sent you a request, and you should probably take it. This happens (okay, maybe not from Obama specifically). A little finagling is a part of Partnering Life.

But the number one rule you should take away from this post is this: Cancellations are FINAL.

We take what you tell us very seriously. If you cancel a meeting, that's telling us that you've evaluated the situation, and the meeting can no longer be a part of your Partnering plans. As the organization that sets those plans, we'll remove it completely. Think of the alternative - we wouldn't want the other company to be able to send you meeting request after meeting request until you relent and add the meeting back. Granted, we don't think this would happen too often anyway, but we want to illustrate why we take cancellations seriously.

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When in doubt, you can always contact us. Just be sure that when you hit that cancel button, you really mean it. Some more logistical items to consider:

  • Re-schedule requests can officially be taken on June 11th.

  • What's the best way to reschedule a meeting? A link will be made available directly within the Partnering System. We'll then find another time that works for both parties.

  • Remember - when you're rescheduling, the location of the meeting will probably change as well. Especially on site, always print a new schedule at the beginning of each day. We'll be emailing you your schedules as well.

  • Download this information in our Reschedule Cheat Sheet!

Happy Partnering!