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Celebrating Earth Day and GMOs

April 22, 2016
Today is Earth Day, and people around the world are celebrating the holiday in different ways. Whether it’s biking to work, recycling, or getting involved with a community cleanup, people are thinking about their environmental footprint.

And the food that people eat is part of this effort as well.  You may not know that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are helping to create a new era of sustainability in agriculture and food production.

Our Earth Day column at explains it this way:

[s]ince the introduction of GMO crops more than 20 years ago, we have seen amazing enhancements in agricultural sustainability. From reduced CO2 emissions and fewer pesticide applications to better water conservation, biodiversity and land use, GMOs and biotechnology have played a key role in modern agriculture’s sustainability story.

It may fly under the radar, but GMOs and biotechnology are working right alongside wind power, solar farms, and electric cars in providing a holistic approach to creating a more sustainable planet.

On this Earth Day, we can take advantage of all the technological tools at our fingertips, including biotechnology, and use these exciting advancements to improve our sustainability, feed our growing population and lessen impact on the environment for generations to come.

Please head over to Forbes to read the whole column, and for additional information related to GMOs and allergenicity, visit