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Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

October 6, 2017
Today is National Manufacturing Day, which provides an opportunity to highlight the ways in which industrial biotechnology empowers the biobased economy and creates jobs in manufacturing.

In the biobased economy, companies use microbial systems, fermentation and other clean tech methods to manufacture sustainable products from agricultural biomass, municipal waste, and other low-carbon feedstocks. This production encompasses a value chain from agriculture all the way to the manufacturing of consumer goods.

According to a USDA study on the economic impact associated with the Biopreferred Program – which aims to increase the use of biobased products – the economic impact of U.S. biobased production grew to $393 billion in 2014, and that’s excluding biofuels and food ingredients.

That same USDA report showed that 1.53 million U.S. workers are directly employed in the biobased product industry, many of whom are involved in manufacturing. And, biorefineries currently produce an estimated 150 million gallons of raw materials every year used in biobased manufacturing!

Biobased consumer goods include detergents and household cleaners, skincare products and cosmetics, insect repellents and disposable tableware – among many other products! The USDA Biopreferred Program recognizes 20,000 biobased products.

While many consumer goods rely on petrochemicals, by growing biobased manufacturing we can decrease our reliance on oil prices, creating more stable manufacturing jobs. And, biobased production holds numerous benefits for consumers, including cleaner, more efficient manufacturing processes that incorporate renewable ingredients into everyday products.

The biobased economy boosts innovation in domestic manufacturing, and with industrial biotechnology poised for accelerated growth over the coming decade, the positive economic and consumer impact will continue to grow.

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