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Cellulosic Biofuel Getting a Boost from Corn Fiber

November 16, 2017
Congratulations to @OPIS Ethanol and Biodiesel Information Service – a trusted source of biofuel industry news. OPIS launched a new blog today, featuring data analysis and insights that complement the news service’s daily alerts. BIO pitched in to help the launch.

In a guest blog post, BIO outlines the potential for near-term growth in cellulosic ethanol production – building on existing corn ethanol production capacity. Several companies are deploying technology to convert the fiber in corn kernels into cellulosic ethanol. For example, Edeniq and partner Flint Hills Resources recently completed the registration process for FHR Iowa Falls to begin generating D3 RINs, making it the fifth plant to launch Edeniq’s technology. More companies are commercializing the technology, and EPA is working to approve additional plants.

As EPA and the White House finalize Renewable Fuel Standard rules for 2018, they should take into account the industry’s ability to rapidly deploy this technology and bring more cellulosic ethanol to market.