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Changing the Face of Biotech

Theresa Brady
Theresa Brady
August 17, 2021

When BIO launched the BIO Equality Agenda last year, its goal was to counteract the systemic inequality, injustice and unfair treatment of underserved communities. Through its three pillars for change – Promote Health Equity, Invest in the Current and Next Generation of Scientists, and Expand Opportunity for Women and Other Underrepresented Populations – BIO challenged the industry and members to focus on justice through equity, and to invest in a diverse workforce. 

Today, BIO launched a new tool to support industry efforts to invest in the current and next generation of underrepresented scientists in our industry. BIO created a LinkedIn group, Forum for Diversity in Biotech and STEM, to connect the industry with diverse, talented and industry-trained individuals. This virtual meeting place can link biotech employers with diverse talent and provide young biotech employees with a platform for networking, community building, training and mentoring.

BIO’s President and CEO, Dr. Michelle McMurry Heath stressed the importance of creating this resource. “We all know that science needs more diverse talent to develop new and innovative solutions. As part of our BIOEquality Agenda, this group will invest in the current and next generation of under-represented scientists. So, whether you are a BIO member company, a young scientist looking for your start, or further along in your career – join, engage, and connect!”


Group members can post jobs and content related to workforce diversity, as well as highlight their companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, while serving as thought leaders in the space. This group will be a part of BIO’s mission to encourage dialogue and diversity, equity and inclusion in the biotech industry.

STEM talent will have access to job postings and trainings and can network with professionals in the biotech field.  We invite diverse, talented, and industry-trained individuals to join the conversation. Once candidates become members, they can sign up to receive job openings, interview tips, networking best practices and more.

If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please send them to Your voice matters, and we are listening!