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Check Out This Op-Ed from PA Bio

November 3, 2015
Make sure to check out the op-ed that Christopher P. Molineaux, President and CEO of Pennsylvania Bio, has written. The piece, entitled Here's why the insurance industry needs to do its part to keep healthcare costs down, does an outstanding job laying out the important role that biotechnology plays in reducing long-term health care costs and what must be done to ensure that patients have access to the next generation of medical innovations.

As Molineaux notes, “The biopharmaceutical industry is holding up its end of the bargain, investing billions of dollars to find new and innovative cures every day….Health insurance companies need to do their part, as well. Coverage and cost-sharing policies should keep pace with innovative treatment advances and recognize the long-term value of adherence to medicines. Ultimately, the patients we all serve deserve nothing less.”

Make sure to take the time to read this op-ed.