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CHI Program to Offer Tips for Acquiring Pipeline Funding

June 6, 2013
Biomedical innovations rely largely on scientific breakthroughs, which in turn happen through well-structured research programs. CHI’s Pipeline for Life  will focus on what characterizes successful basic research models in the 21st century, during a time when researchers are experiencing declining governmental funding for science research.

Collaboration between industry and academic partners will be necessary to keep the biomedical ecosystem healthy, and the industry’s pipeline full of innovation. This half-day program will explore the strategies and initiatives that academic institutions could use to broaden and enhance biomedical research efforts and how academic and industrial partners can work together to ensure robust pipelines through corporate deal transactions, and what the biomedical community can do to support federal funding for science.

Expect to hear from: R. Sanders Williams, M.D., President of the Gladstone Institutes; Lawrence Goldstein, M.D., Director, UC San Diego Stem Cell Program; Michael Marletta, Ph.D., President and CEO, The Scripps Research Institute, and other speakers.

I've been told by my friends at CHI that there is a discount code that offers $25 off the non-member price, or off the Emerging Enterprise, Non-Profit and Academic rate if you qualify. Just use the discount code BioPipe1 when you register.

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