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Chinese In-Licensing Continues to Strengthen

August 16, 2013
Chinese companies are eager to collaborate with their ex-China counterparts, and in-licensing agreements are outpacing other forms of biotech deal-making in 2013. In fact, the number of in-licensing deals announced so far this year is more than the combined number of 2012 deals in out-licensing, JV/Alliance and M&A, according to BIO’s Industry Analysis research and GBI.

This deal-making momentum bodes well for small and medium-sized biotech companies that have early-stage compounds under development in the West, but lack the bandwidth, capital or regulatory experience to develop them for the Chinese market. The past year has seen a host of Chinese companies in-license compounds from U.S. and European biotech companies across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

Recent deal makers from the West inlcude Ambrx, Soligenix, BMG Pharma, Oncobiologics, and X-body.  In early 2013, DYAX licensed Kalbitor®, a treatment for hereditary angioedema, to Lee’s Pharma Subsidiary. And, in April, Hengrui licensed X-Body's ophthalmic therapeutic antibody generated from X-Body’s antibody platform for Age-related Macular Degeneration Antibody (AMD). Also in early 2013, OmniRat’s licensing deal with WuXi PharmaTech, MediStem and Superview’s deal to develop antibodies that affect stem cells andArGEN-X’s licensing of a cancer and anti-inflammatory mAb to RuiYi.

Recent East-West in-licensing deals involving Chinese companies:

Jul-13 Luqa Pharaceuticals to sell BMG Pharma's (Europe) portfoio of products
Jul-13 SciClone in collaboration deal with Soligenix (USA) on head and neck cancer candidate 
Jun-13 Zhejiang Medicine gets China rights to Ambrx's (USA) breast cancer candidate
May-13 Zhejiang Huahai gets rights to four biosimilars from Oncobiologics  (USA)
Apr-13 Hengrui   licenses X-Body's ophthalmic therapeutic antibody
Mar-13 Fosun Pharma will sell Saladax's (USA) MyCare cancer assays in China
Feb-13 Lee’s Pharma Subsidiary In-Licenses Dyax Drug (USA)
Feb-13 China’s Grandhope Biotech In-licenses Stem Cell Technology from Orthocell (Australia)
Jan-13 SciClone continues relationship with Sanofi (Europe) surrounding four marketed therapies
Jan-13 Huapont Pharma  and Yes Biotech   (Canada) to Partner on Psoriasis Ointment
Jan-13 China GrandPharma In-Licenses Acetium Capsules from Biohit (Europe)
Jan-13 Hisun and Celsion  enter into development and licensing option agreement
Dec-12 Techpool In-Licenses  China Rights to Bone Cancer Drug from Roche (Europe)
Nov-12 Sihuan Pharma In-Licenses Two CCV Products from NeuroVive (Europe)
Oct-12 Hubei Qianjiang Pharma In-licenses Two Drugs from TNI   BioTech (USA)
Oct-12 RuiYi  In-Licenses Cancer/Anti-Inflammatory mAb from ArGEN-X (Europe)
Oct-12 MediStem and Superview to Develop Antibodies that affect Stem Cells
Sep-12 WuXi PharmaTech  licenses OMT’s (USA)   OmniRat to Aid Biologic Drug Discovery
Aug-12 Luqa Pharma In-Licenses Scar Treatment from Stratpharma (Europe)
Aug-12 CIBP in-licenses conjugate vaccine technology from Fina Biotech (USA)
Aug-12 Luqa Pharma in-licenses scar treatment from Stratpharma   (Europe)
Aug-12 PharmaEngine in-licenses cancer product from Nanobiotix (Europe)
Jul-12 Suzhou   Connect Biopharma in-licenses anti-inflammatory   drugs from Arena (USA)
Jul-12 Lee's Pharma in-licenses therapeutic peptide from RegeneRx   (USA)
Jul-12 Ascletis in-licenses cancer RNAi drug from Alnylam   (USA) 

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