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To Compete, Renewables Must Perform

June 29, 2017
Biomaterials have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide long-term renewable solutions. But let’s not forget that performance is key. The nicest sports person in the world, no matter how popular they are, will never stay competitive with manners alone. Without “edge,” they are quickly left behind. Bio-based products are no different. Only by working across value chains can we create the winners of tomorrow.

This logic underpins our approach at Reverdia. We produce Biosuccinium®, a bio-succinic acid with a carbon footprint that is up to 90 percent lower than petro-based counterparts. So obviously, we want to pass the baton. What would be the point if we did not, right?

We recently showcased a range of innovative Biosuccinium®-based polyurethanes produced with our partners at PSE Europe in Munich, Germany. The samples include industrial components, artificial leather and a range of products for the footwear industry, such as shoe soles for casual shoes and a sole plate for soccer boots. These have a significantly reduced environmental footprint and bio-based content as high as 60 percent in certain cases.

No race can be won alone. There is always a team behind the scenes. Bio-based innovations are no exception, which is why we work with forward-looking partners such as Covestro. Together, we decided to go the distance with a unique value chain model and long-term commitment. Our partnership has taken bio-based thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) to the next level with the Desmopan® brand. In the footwear, automotive and electronics markets, the different grades available offer excellent physical properties while also providing a champion carbon footprint.

Witnessing these innovations emerge is inspirational. It needs to be, if the bioeconomy hopes to capture the imagination of consumers and create market pull. I’m looking forward to sharing more examples of performance materials in Montreal alongside my fellow panellists at BIO World Congress. Our session will discuss the latest developments from leading renewable chemicals and biomaterials companies.

Reverdia will not stop here. Renewables must perform in order to compete. We will keep working with brand owners and their suppliers to develop mainstream applications for bio-based materials. Our recent successes demonstrate that, in some applications, renewables do more than match. They are front-runners.