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Congrats to the 2015 Buzz of BIO Winners!

April 30, 2015
We’re very pleased to announce the winners for the 2015 Buzz of BIO contest of the BIO International Convention. You voted for your favorites, and it was a tight, interesting race!

Remember, you can still apply to present at the BIO International Convention. Presenting companies received 118% MORE partnering meetings at BIO 2014 than non-presenting companies, on average. Learn more and apply here.

We’re pleased to introduce you to our winners:

Pipelines of Promise

Vascular BioSciences (VBS)


VBS is developing our CARSKNKDC (CAR) peptide to enhance the efficacy of co-administered drugs for fatal diseases. CAR has shown success in improving sepsis mortality, in triple-negative breast cancer, ameliorating cachexia, and in enabling pulmonary specific vasodilation in pulmonary hypertension.

Technologies of Tomorrow

ProTransit Nanotherapy


Nanotherapy company delivers antioxidant enzymes for treatment of skin photoaging. Enzymes are encapsulated and thereby stabilized for transdermal delivery and slow release of the active enzymes deep in the skin. We replace what the skin loses upon sun exposure & age for next generation skincare.

You’ll definitely be seeing these folks around the BIO International Convention in Philadelphia, PA this June.

Thanks to everyone who participated!