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Countdown to #BIO2018—Four Days to Go!

May 29, 2018
In less than a week more than 16,500 people will descend on Boston to form partnerships and collaborations that could one day dramatically change our lives for the better. This year BIO will be celebrating its 25th anniversary so its Convention is appropriately themed “Make History”, a subtle reference to this historic milestone as well as the rich history of Boston.

Any veteran of BIO’s International Convention can tell you: It’s a lot.

There are keynotes, fireside chats, super sessions, breakout sessions, company presentations, partnering, a patient pavilion with 62 patient groups, a start-up stadium, an emerging innovators zone, international and state pavilions, hundreds of exhibitors—the list goes on. And don’t forget Diana Ross!

What’s the best way to navigate? First and foremost, make myBIO your best friend now.  You can download the app in the Apple or Google stores or use it on your computer. It is a great resource for everything happening at convention. (Note: myBIO is separate from BIO One-on-One Partnering). Here are some highlights to what you can do!

  • View speakers or filter by interests

  • View the full schedule and add events on the go

  • View attendee list or filter by interests

  • Browse companies and exhibitors, filter by interest or zone

  • View the BIO Exhibition map

  • Printable Schedule

Tip: Use the “filter” function for sessions, attendees, and companies. For more information and tips visit

There are three resources in our online Toolkit – feel free to browse the Onsite Guide, Education Grid, BIO Exhibition Map and Yelp Guide in advance of arriving onsite here.

Your journey through #BIO2018 is your own but here are some highlights by day