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Countdown to #BIO2018 – Three days to go!

May 30, 2018
It’s an important time for the biotechnology industry. The therapies coming to the market and in clinical development today are unlike any we’ve seen in the history of medicine, and the M&A activity in the market is more exciting than ever: that’s why this year is primed to be an optimal time to build your pipeline. And with this in mind, there is no better place to scout for potential partners and assets to expand your portfolio than BIO 2018 in Boston, and no platform facilitates more meetings in a global biotech gathering than BIO One-on-One Partnering™.

We are building on this year’s theme of “Making History” with a GUINNESS World Records™ attempt for “Largest Business Partnering Meeting.”


All this and more at BIO 2018, where we are on track to schedule more than 45,000 meetings among 7,300 attendees from 4,000 companies. While this is no small feat, perhaps even more exciting are the opportunities that each of these meetings can present. BIO One-on-One Partnering can ignite a spark of discovery by providing a nexus of ideas and opportunities, whether you are a small biotech with a laser focus on a particular disease area, a diversified company seeking in-licensing opportunities, or a tech transfer organization in search of pharma partnerships—to describe only a few segments of the diverse audience you’ll find in the partnering system.

With less than a week remaining until BIO 2018, here are a few practical steps to prepare for your experience on site:

  • Be active in the system now. In this final week before the Convention, schedules are already tight, but we will still schedule thousands more meetings. While competition can be intense, take advantage of these days to send meeting requests to potential partners and follow up on requests on which you haven’t heard a response.

  • Go the extra mile. This might include making your partnering calendar available during those early morning times to snag a critical meeting. Our scheduling algorithm intelligently arranges meetings to minimize walking time between them, but if this is your first BIO Convention, we also recommend wearing comfortable shoes!

  • Keep an eye on your Message Center. Check your Message Center regularly to ensure you have not overlooked any requests that are a suitable target for your company. If you are arranging meetings outside the partnering system, be sure to block those times in your partnering calendar so that you don’t end up double-booked. Finally, Meetings may be rescheduled or canceled at the last minute; download “BIO One-on-One” in your App Store or Google Play Store to see the latest updates on the go.

Business development is also happening outside the partnering arena through our Business Development education track. Don’t miss the “The Business of Biotech and Sports” super session, which discusses collaboration, innovation, leadership, and more.

We look forward to making history with you in Boston!