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Don’t Go At It Alone- BIO BizLink and the Evolving R&D Marketplace

November 12, 2014
With companies in the biotechnology industry more frequently outsourcing R&D pipelines, selecting the right contract organization becomes more important. BIO, along with OnDeckBiotech, has recently launched a new online platform, BIO BizLink, that facilitates these relationships between biopharma companies and contract service providers.

BIO BizLink serves as a peer-rated database for contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and contract research organizations (CROs) and their specific capabilities, while additionally providing secure project management tools to help companies work seamlessly with their new business partners.

“BIO BizLink is designed to help emerging biotechs find strong partners for the research and development process,” says Peter McHugh, Vice President of Business Operations at BIO. “With the speed at which products are being developed within the pipelines, companies want to make the best decisions to get things right the first time. BIO BizLink provides helpful functionality on the platform, such as a keyword search, confidential messaging, and a dashboard to manage secure documents, making this a unique and robust service for the industry.”

BIO BizLink is free to use for biotechs, and service providers only pay a small fee on deals facilitated by the service. Signing up takes just a few seconds. Visit to learn more.