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Earth Day Recap: How Plant Science Can Lead To A More Sustainable Future

May 9, 2017
Earth Day brings people from all walks of life together under one common goal: raising awareness of environmental protection. This year, all eyes were on science, and GMO Answers wanted to take a deeper look at plant science and biotechnology’s positive impact on agriculture and on farmers. In a new post at the GMO Answers Medium page, we recap sixth generation Florida farmer Lawson Mozley’s discussion of the technology behind food production, specifically related to GMOs, during his Facebook Live chat on the GMO Answers Facebook page.
For farmers like Lawson, however, one day a year isn’t enough to acknowledge biotechnology’s significant impact on the work they do and the food we eat.

Lawson explains that genetic engineering is one of the greatest tools farmers have at their disposal. Thanks to genetically engineered (GE) crops, farmers can produce more food, while preserving natural resources. During the Facebook Live, he highlighted that his family “has been on the same land for over 150 years and I hope we’re able to stay there for at least 150 more. Biotechnology is possibly the single best tool to ensure that future.”

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