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That Elusive Factor

June 28, 2011
Thanks Brady Huggett at Trade Secrets for this great recap of Day 1 of the 2011 BIO International Convention!
Day 1 of the BIO convention. The Walter E Washington Convention Center is a huge thing, split into two sections. Panel sessions run on both sides, and the exhibition hall (opening Tuesday) is below ground, spanning some great distance underneath it all. There are hundreds of rooms and people scurrying all over, yet I spent my first hour huddled in a quiet spot along a deserted corridor on the ground floor, talking to an Argentine. He's working at the interface of science and research, helping Argentina recognize it can not only do routine biotech research, but also produce vaccines, antibodies and diagnostic kits right at home. He admitted that the science itself might not be new or groundbreaking, but translating that science into homegrown Argentine products is, and it's been an important step. He's put together a company (IncuINTA) to help facilitate the process. We talked about his background and the plans for IncuINTA, and in general, he's just the type of person global biotechnology needs - gregarious, focused and passionate.