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Evolving Beyond (Just) Answers: Why The Revamped GMO Answers Is A Resource For You

June 28, 2017
The Internet is full of information about almost any topic imaginable, but sometimes it can feel like the answer to your question isn’t always at your fingertips. It can be difficult to find sources you can trust with so many ongoing conversations taking place across society, media and the Internet. These notions laid the foundation of GMO Answers when we launched in 2013 to answer your questions and encourage a two-way dialogue about anything related to GMOs and biotechnology.

Since then, we’ve welcomed over 1,300 questions from people across all backgrounds — including curious students, parents, teachers and skeptics, among others — and provided each one with a unique response from one of our volunteer experts. This level of engagement is far beyond what we ever expected. That’s why today we’re excited to announce the relaunch of

The refreshed is the latest evolution in our continued commitment to creating a central, user-friendly resource for GMO and biotechnology information. It offers more multimedia content, enhanced search functionality and refreshed educational resources. Now, visitors can enjoy an optimized digital experience that allows them to more easily find answers to the most-asked questions and the most updated resources.

Visitors can continue to submit questions for our GMO Answers volunteer experts to answer. These experts include farmers, academics, nutritionists and scientists who donate their time to help communicate the facts about GMO crops and dispel myths and misinformation surrounding GMOs. The refreshed site will allow us to find new and engaging ways to work with these experts to best answer users’ questions.

If you’re curious about GMOs and biotechnology, visit to find the answers you’re looking for, and see what the refreshed website experience is all about.