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Expanding Opportunities to Explore Biotechnology Careers

June 7, 2012
By Jim Koeninger, PhD, Executive Director, HOSA—Future Health Professionals

HOSA—Future Health Professionals, with nearly 150,000 members in 48 states and territories, has built and maintained a pipeline of future health professionals in secondary and postsecondary/collegiate institutions to work collaboratively and cooperatively to develop and produce a highly trained workforce for the health professions. HOSA is proud that this is our 27th consecutive year of increasing membership in our nearly 4,000 chapters with 48 percent minority participation.

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While our nation is facing an alarming shortage of health care workers, we believe that HOSA is a viable strategy for recruiting, attracting, and encouraging young people to pursue a promising career in the health professions, especially within the Biotechnology sector. As we enter our 37th year, we see no reduction in the demand for health care workers; therefore, HOSA remains committed to the recruitment and preparation of young people to become the skilled health care workforce of the 21st century.

We believe that to resolve the health care shortage, a commitment to attracting qualified young people and adults into Health Science programs that help learners stay connected to the health professions while seamlessly integrating classroom and HOSA chapter activities by a well-trained health science instructor who serves as a HOSA chapter advisor. Health Science programs and HOSA focus on science, math and reading and embrace innovative approaches to learning. It is believed that if a person is enrolled in a Health Science program and is active in HOSA, that person will be more likely to become a certified health professional.

The best way to understand the passion and culture that exists within HOSA is to personally get involved. One way to get connected is for you to visit our website or to contact our Washington Office Director, George Sifakis at 202-347-2500 for more information about attending one of our upcoming events including the annual National Leadership Conference (in June), Washington Leadership Academy (in September) and the State Advisors Management Conference (in September).

We are proud to represent future health professionals and look forward to engaging with the Biotechnology Industry as we build the health care workforce of the 21st Century.

Listen to a podcast with Tonia Moore-Davis, an immediate past chair for the board of directors of HOSA.