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Exploring the Richness of Companies and Investors at the BIO Investor Forum

September 20, 2017
The 16th Annual BIO Investor Forum, taking place October 17th-18th in San Francisco, is the premier event for emerging private and public companies to connect with prospective investors to make the deals that drive our industry, and has only become bigger and better.  More than 200 CEOs typically attend the BIO Investor Forum; 25 different countries are represented; and more than 200 investors attended last year.  More than 220 investors are already registered for this year, with one month to go.

The foundation for the success of an event of such magnitude as BIO Investor Forum rests on three main pillars: the educational program, registered companies/presentations, and qualified investor attendees.  Each year, planning begins by recruiting a seasoned group of Advisory Committee members, who are some of the best and brightest within the industry, to assist with these pillars.  This year’s list of 18 advisors may be found here.  These individuals, who are active and engaged with the latest achievements of the industry, play a vital role by thoroughly evaluating proposed panel sessions, suggesting subject-matter expert speakers, nominating companies to present, and promoting the event to their vast networks.  We at BIO then set out to recruit more than 170 of the hottest start-ups and emerging companies to present.  We get the pulse on the latest life science investment trends from sophisticated investment and company executives, along with active early-stage investors who can evaluate fresh investment opportunities including compatible, complementary and competitive companies while benefiting from a dozen candid panel discussions with leading clinical experts and investigators with insights on pipeline research and clinical practice.  The registered list of participating companies can be found here.

BIO makes it a point to meticulously review the qualifications of each company and investor in order to ensure the high-quality of interactions that occur at our events between corporate and investor colleagues and during investor/company one-on-one meetings.  These reviews, for example on the investor-side, begin with the foundation of a comprehensive investor policy, which can be found here, that involves assessing the organization type, position title, value of assets under management in the industry, and even specific deals within their respective life science portfolios.  This year’s event is attracting investors from over 40 funds with more than $1B assets under management such as ARCH Ventures Partners, Canaan Partners, Longitude Capital, and NEA; over 120 funds specializing in Angel/Series A placements such as 5AM Ventures, Astellas, and Remiges Ventures; and over 20 funds from outside the U.S. including Medivate Partners, Sofinnova, and Taiho Ventures.  In just two days at the BIO Investor Forum, you could meet with the potential partners it would take you weeks to visit otherwise.  The registered list of participating investors can be found here.

This event leads to corporate and investor stakeholders leveraging BIO’s proprietary One-on-One Partnering™ software to search company and investor profiles, evaluate potential collaborations and funding opportunities with participating companies, communicate directly with prospective investors and senior business and scientific management, and pre-schedule private business development meetings.

Ultimately, all this effort for a unique event is designed to accelerate growth within the biopharma industry, catering to entities early in their lifecycle and stakeholders looking to support them and get more innovative treatments to helping patients sooner. Qualified investors attend for free.  Register now at