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Finding Value in Early Stage Collaborations at the BIO Technology Transfer Symposium

September 13, 2012
The BIO Technology Transfer Symposium dissects recent academia-industry collaborations and evaluates the value in early stage biotechnology investments.  The event occurs in San Francisco on October 8th ahead of the BIO Investor Forum and provides a unique opportunity for bringing academia, industry, and the investment community together.

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This year’s event is headlined by Tom Thornton from the Cleveland Clinic, a leading academic medical center.  The first panel highlights the collaboration between Duke Translational Research Institute and Bristol-Myers Squibb exploring how big pharma views these collaborations, how these collaborations have changed over time, and what they may look like in the future.  The second panel features investors and non-profit funders from CHL Medical Partners and the Alzheimer’s Association discussing first-round financing expectations, funding sources, investment evaluations, and deal structures.

Whether you are already attending the BIO Investor Forum or not, come join your colleagues in academia, industry, and the investment community to discover the real value of biotech public-private partnerships.

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