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Fireside Chat with Dr. Mikael Dolsten

February 14, 2012
Day two of the BIO CEO & Investor Conference kicked off with a Fireside Chat featuring Mikael Dolsten, MD, Phd, president, worldwide research & development from Pfizer, Inc and moderated by Mark Schoenebaum, senior biotechnology analyst with ISI Group. Speaking to a full room, Dr. Dolsten touched on Pfizer’s R&D priorities and their increased efforts to focus on investor capital return through a strong mixture of science, business and financial endeavors.

In focusing on R&D, Pfizer has chosen to move their resources to various biomedical hubs such as Cambridge, San Francisco, New York and La Jolla, recognizing that these regions present a strong environment for biomedical research and development. Through this refocus on the return of R&D and renewed effort to capitalize on partnerships, Dr. Dolsten let the audience know he is “excited about the future and structure of the company.”

When asked what Pfizer’s current scientific strengths included, Dr. Dolsten did not hesitate to mention a broad capability, including: oncology (recent FDA approvals have spearheaded this sector); vaccines; anti-infectious diseases; therapeutics; anti-nicotine (broadening their portfolio to pursue); brain diseases (mid to long term efforts) and cardiovascular disease and diabetes (an on-going effort). Dr. Dolsten reminded the crowd gathered that “science today moves across diseases.”

The session concluded with a lively Q&A discussion, largely driven by the audience asking Dr. Dolsten to comment on various Pfizer drugs in various states of approval. Upon conclusion, Dr. Dolsten wrapped with these parting words, “I think this is a great dialogue. In the end, the business of science needs to have a short and a long term plan. At Pfizer, the pipeline goal is to deliver near term and cover unmet needs long term. I remain optimistic that oncology will develop and see opportunities in science and healthcare as we learned from this past tough decade.”