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Five international biotech countries to watch

June 30, 2011
Scientific American released their third annual WorldView: A Global Biotechnology Perspective at the 2011 BIO International Convention which includes a Bio Innovation Scorecard. The Scorecard reviews individual country biotechnology programs and policies aimed at growing local innovative biotechnology sectors.

Based on the results of the Bio Innovation Scorecard, here’s our list of 5 biotechs to watch:

5.  Malaysia: Ranking third in the world for the best Enterprise Support of its biotech industry by Scientific American's Worldview Scorecard, the country hosts a business friendly environment and significant venture capital availability. With strong scores for Enterprise Support, Malaysia is a biotech hub where industries thrive with access to a broad collection of business resources. This country is well represented at the 2011 BIO International Convention with and will host the Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology.

4. India: As a member of the BRIC countries, India has progressively expanded their biotech industry, boosted their bio-diversity, and improved governmental relations with private sector organizations.  As an established hub for biotechnology, India received a high ranking in venture capital availability from the Worldview Scorecard, but trails in terms of retaining its bright minds as a result of the 'brain drain'. Evidence suggests, however, that many Indian-Americans in the biotech field share information with their original country and continue to expand the cross boarder exchange. India also ranks among the top 5 followers on Twitter and Facebook for BIO. India also has a large presence on the Convention floor, and can be found in the 1629 to 1729 block, by the Halla Entrance.

3. Canada: Placed at third in the world for the best biotech hub outside the US, Canada has shown tremendous strength and innovation in the past decade to improve its industry. Canada has excelled in its education and workforce sectors, retaining a large amount of professionals with doctorate degrees in the life sciences and IP protection for innovative discoveries. It is also BIO's fourth largest international twitter follower, representing 3% of all IAmBiotech followers, and is located at the Canadian pavilion in booths 3831-3930.

2. Italy: Sharing the second highest score in IP protection, along with a handful of other innovative countries, Italy has become one of the leading countries in the biotech industry. The patent protection policies implemented by the Italians ensure that a company's hard work will be safe from outside parties threatening to deny a return on research and development investments and thereby make Italy a favorable location for business. Italy is also BIO's best Facebook member, representing 12% of all "Likes" on the page, and is represented by members of their industry at the Italia Pavilion, booth 2237.

1. Brazil: Also a member of the BRIC countries, Brazil has made progress in its biotech industry, obtaining a strong scientific basis with the aid of its academic institutions. It also has developed several plans to reduce bureaucratic restrictions to research and development and develop incentives for more collaboration between the academic and industrial sectors. Brazil is BIO's best international social media member, as they represent 11% of BIO's total Twitter followers, and will have their own pavilion representing BIOTEC Brasil at booth 1422.