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Forbes profiles a medical miracle and the value of cures

October 16, 2014
This week, Forbes' Matthew Herper wrote a moving story about a girl who is a medical miracle at only 5-years-old. When Evie Elsaesser was born, she was only expected to live a few hours as her bones were soft and un-calcified.

Shortly afterwards, Evie was enrolled in a clinical trial for a drug that replaced the bone-forming enzyme that she was missing. While she suffered from side effects and endured a long road to being disease-free, Evie now is a healthy and happy little girl thanks to this experimental drug.

As Herper writes, "This is is exactly what we hope new medicines will do – truly change lives. Now for the question that determines how many such drugs we get: society, what is this worth to you?"

He goes on to say that, "The high costs of these drugs are necessary in order to convince companies to take the decades-long task of bringing them to market, and the drugs are worth it because they save lives in a way that most medicines simply don’t. They represent the willingness of society to treat people in desperate need no matter what."

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