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Forecasted Sales Growth of Top Therapeutic Areas: Anti-Coagulants to Outpace

July 5, 2013
Although oncology has the largest market share in the therapeutics business, anti-coagulant products are expected to grow at the fastest rate among the top 15 therapeutic categories, according to a new report from EvaluatePharma. Below is a chart of future growth rates based on data from their “World Preview 2013, Outlook to 2018” report. Their data is based on analyst estimates for marketed and pipeline drugs globally.

2013-07-2 anticoagulants

Following the anti-coagulants are oncology and diabetes drugs with about 9% expected growth rate to 2018. The categories hit with patent expirations, anti-hypertensives and hyperlipidaemics, are expected to decline by 5% and 8%, respectively.

The top 15 categories by sales in 2012 can be seen in the chart below, also based on data found in the report. The anti-coagulant area is the smallest of the 15 by total sales in 2012. Oncology, however, remains the top therapeutic area by sales, making its 9% expected growth rate all the more impressive.

2013-07-2 total sales EP

The top 15 therapeutic areas make up $379B of the total $750B total global drug market, or 50%.

(The full report from EvaluatePharma can be downloaded free here.)