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The Future of the Bioscience on Display in Arizona

January 6, 2012
In this increasingly global economy, science education programs in America are the vital pipeline for developing the bioscience workforce of the future. Sadly, only 52 percent of 12th graders are at or above a basic level of achievement in the sciences, and for 8th graders only 57 percent are at a basic level of achievement.

This is why BIO is such a strong advocate of programs that encourage and support students who have an interest in biotechnology research.

Recently, students from Arizona’s high schools, community colleges and universities shared their bioscience research endeavors at the 2011 AZBio Awards and Expo. The evening’s Discovery Showcase, where students presented their bioscience explorations, featured the projects of 24 students.

Want to see the future of the biosciences? Check out these brilliant students!