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The Future of Biotech Innovation in Brazil: Improving Patient Outcomes

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Guest Author
June 20, 2019

The 2019 BIO International Convention took place this month in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and featured an educational program that tackled issues at the forefront of the biotechnology industry today. These issues, ranging from personalized medicine to digital health to artificial intelligence and machine learning, will come to define the industry in the years to come.

These critical issues will also be on spotlighted at the upcoming BIO Latin America Conference, but through the lens of the Latin America region. More than 700 attendees will get together in Brazil to gain key industry insights into the strategies, trends, opportunities, and challenges related to personalized medicine and the digitalization of healthcare that will help you navigate this new and exciting age in biotechnology.  Importantly, these advances will improve healthcare by being more accurate, more predictive, and more proactive than ever before.

As discussed at BIO 2019, panels at BIO Latin America will also explore  these promises, including higher treatment efficacy, lower healthcare costs, and better patient outcomes. With the rise in digital technology, improved diagnostics, and methods like genome editing and machine learning, there is an enormous potential to make healthcare delivery more precise. Realizing this potential, however, will require overcoming significant challenges, including those related to incentive alignment and reimbursement schemes, data access and integration, and regulatory barriers.

What kinds of innovative business models are needed to extract value from precision medicine? How can we harness real world data from electronic health records, claims data, and wearables to improve healthcare? How can entrepreneurs, start-ups, tech companies, and the pharma industry partner to discover new therapies and commercialize their products to ultimately improve patient outcomes?

Expanding upon the theme at the 2019 BIO Latin America, “Innovation and Business Partnering as Drivers of the Bioeconomy in Latin America”, the event framework will seek to integrate the knowledge from experts across the industry and support innovative partnerships and collaboration to answer these important questions.

For example, to realize the potential of personalized medicine will take a multidisciplinary approach to healthcare that builds upon the knowledge and expertise of healthcare providers, scientists, engineers, and a wide range of other disciplines.  While there is collective agreement that the promises of personalized medicine are immense, the challenge may be in understanding how to develop appropriate business models, partnerships, and strategies to extract its value.

Key industry insights will be the center of the BIO Latin America Conference, taking place this September in São Paulo, Brazil. To engage in the dialogue and be part of the innovative opportunities facing the global biotechnology industry, join us at BIO Latin America this September 3-4, 2019. Register at