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The Future of Health and Medicine in the Digital Era

June 17, 2015
Dr. Daniel Kraft is a well-known Stanford and Harvard trained physician-scientist and innovator with over 20 years of clinical, research and innovation experience. He serves as Faculty chair for Medicine at Singularity University and is the Founder and Executive Director of Exponential Medicine.

Dr. Kraft concluded the Digital Health Forum with his session titled The Future of Health and Medicine: Where Can Technology Take Us? which offered a fast-paced look at the next few years of innovations in medicine, powered by new tools, tests and apps that are accelerating changes and improving outcomes in health, healthcare and wellness.

Dr. Kraft kick off the discussion arguing that healthcare technology is still in the 1800s and to change this we need to be thinking in the digital age. Data is still scattered which can cause issues in getting information not only to doctors but from doctors to their patients.

He argued that technology is growing and that it can help solve the issues of rising healthcare costs, demographics, access to data and so forth.

Dr. Kraft identified several ways in which technology is helping to advance healthcare. There are devices that we can wear that remind us to stay active and ensure that we are more mobile than stationary. We are better able to include sensors in our healthcare system which gives us a new ways to quantify data and then integrate that data into our mobile devices.

He reminded us that we will soon be able to decode each individual's genome at around $1,000. Video games will be customized to improve our brain health.

The future of diagnosis will change with the help of technology. What if we could detect diseases like cancer and Alzheimers in its earliest stage and then tailor less costly cures to combat it. We will have a better understanding of how the brain's anatomy and how it works.

Dr. Daniel Kraft concluded his session by arguing that even though we are getting access to more and more data, it doesn't mean we are getting smarter. Intelligence Augmentation can help us with figure out the date and integrate a lot of information.