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GAINing Ground in Antibiotics

August 21, 2013
With the rise of antibiotic resistant “superbugs” in recent years, everyone agrees there is an urgent need to develop new and effective antibiotics. One measure designed to spur such development is the Generating Antibiotics Incentives Now (GAIN) Act, which was enacted last year. The law provides an additional five years of market exclusivity and priority FDA review for innovative antibiotics that target qualifying pathogens.

Much of the current research in the field is being done by small biotech companies, according to a recent article in Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News.  Of the 66 companies currently involved in antibiotics research, 86 percent are small to medium-sized. With smaller biotechs playing such a critical role in antibiotic development, we thought it made sense to have a workshop on the GAIN Act at our upcoming BIO Investor Forum, taking place October 8-9 in San Francisco.

The workshop, “GAINing Ground in Antibiotics – New Incentives for Biopharma,” will be moderated by Dr. Cartier Esham, Senior Director of Emerging Companies Health and Regulatory Affairs at BIO.

“As an industry, our goal is to quickly develop cures for those who need them,” says Dr. Esham. “The GAIN Act provides critical financial and regulatory incentives for companies developing the next generation of miracle antibiotics. This workshop will explore current trends in antibiotic research and the implications of the GAIN Act for emerging biotech companies.”

The GAIN Act workshop is just one of the program highlights at this year’s Investor Forum. We’ll also have two plenary sessions on the current red-hot biotech IPO market. Our most current program information is available here.