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Gene Pool – The Fiercest Competition At #BIO2016!

June 6, 2016
What do you get when you toss high school biotechnology scientists into the “nature and nurture” version of the hit TV show Shark Tank™? Introducing Gene Pool – a “fast pitch” format competition where our next generation of biotech leaders have minimal time to convince judges and the audience that their innovative research is better than the rest.

Returning for the second annual Gene Pool competition this year at the 2016 BIO International Convention, the best of the International BioGENEius finalists will participate in Gene Pool, facing off before a panel of biotech industry judges and academic experts – and you can also be a part of the experience!

Gene Pool is a fierce competition where impressions are instantaneous. Students will have one minute – yes 60 seconds – to explain who they are, the problem their research solves and why the rest of the world should care. The competitors will have to think on their feet and get creative in order to stand out!

So why does this matter? Gene Pool emphasizes to participants the importance of seizing opportunities for getting their research story in front of audiences - from peers to parents, strategic partners to investors - and using their communication skills to highlight the true value of their research. The competition highlights the importance being business savvy, as well as having the ability to effectively communicate research value, as crucial components of success in the biotechnology industry.

Gene Pool is part of the BioGENEius Challenge, the premier competition for high school students from across the U.S., Canada and Germany that recognizes outstanding research and innovation in healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology. These students are among the top innovators of their peers and their projects are helping to provide solutions in healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology that will transform the way we heal, fuel and feed the world.

This unique challenge reinforces the importance always having that “elevator pitch” ready, especially because you never know when an unexpected opportunity to talk to an investor, company or strategic partner may come up.

Join us at Gene Pool and to help us pick a winner! Gene Pool will take place tomorrow (June 7) at 12:30 PM in Room 105, Moscone South Hall.