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Getting Ready for the BIO International Convention? Advice from Convention Veterans

April 26, 2011
Earlier this month, we asked the 2011 BIO International Convention LinkedIn group if any of our veterans could provide some tips for navigating the event. The discussion was too good not to share, so we collected the best insights right here for you.

Patricia: "We're looking forward to the convention! A tip we can contribute from other large events--pop a water bottle in your conference bag. And always--make notes on the business cards you collect so you can stay in touch."

Elaine: "Study the list of exhibitors and sessions and events, decide what theme, topics, companies you want to pursue well before and use mybio to make out your plan and then stick to your agenda otherwise without a game plan mapped out well in advance you will spend lots of energy and miss much at Bio International as the meeting is too large to decide last minute or while on site at the meeting."

Carlos: "For the Networking, I print a profile page for each meeting. I then have the pages bound into a book which I use for notes. I also have a few slides bound into the same book for discussion. That and a pen and business cards is all I carry. It's low tech, but effective. Also, the badges hang too low and get buried under jackets. I shorten the lanyard with a knot to raise the badge up a bit. Lastly, I plan on what I call evening Trifectas. That is, I plan on attending three evening events per night, spending 20-30 minutes at each event, if possible. I sleep very well on the flight back home!"

Patricia: "I'd like to know if people are using I-Pads in special, conference-specific ways."

Dean: "Patricia, if this year is anything like last year the most significant use of the iPad will be as a promotional give away.

Planning is essential for BIO. As previously posted, having a plan with targeted companies, an understanding of the convention layout, and attending the right presentations (that will be attended by the people you want to interact with) are key. There are very few opportunities to be in an environment with this many potential clients so think like them and be where they want to be."

Do you have any advice for new attendees to the BIO International Convention? Or, are you looking for answers? Join the conversation on LinkedIn! or learn more about the 2011 BIO International Convention.