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GMO Answers Celebrates A Successful One Year Anniversary

July 31, 2014

Half a Million Visits to Date!

We are very excited to celebrate the one year anniversary of GMO Answers, with more than half a million visits to date!

One year ago, the agricultural biotechnology industry committed to an open, transparent dialogue about GMOs, launching a broad, new initiative to provide accurate information and answer the toughest questions about GMOs and how our food is grown. Since then, over 700 questions have been asked at and more than 600 have been answered, with experts currently working to answer the rest.

A lot has happened during the past year. Here are some of the highlights and the work we’re continuing:

We’re Telling Our Story

In just the past year, GMO Answers has been covered by the media 132 times, including some of the top broadcast, print, and radio outlets. GMO Answers is becoming a trusted resource to media when they report on the topic. As we tell the biotech story, we are noticing a positive shift in tone in media coverage and influencer opinions.

We're Setting the Record Straight

For too long, inaccurate information about GMOs has dominated the web. By actively engaging in online conversations about GMOs, we've been able to make a significant impact in how people find information about GMOs. Now, GMO Answers content often shows up on page 1 or 2 in Google, Yahoo, and Bing, when using popular search terms.

We’re Opening a New Conversation Online

GMO Answers is using Twitter to answer questions and address concerns from people talking about GMOs in social media. We take the time to talk to the woman with 5 Twitter followers and the anonymous account with 50,000. We are helping students, scientists, farmers, shoppers, activists, moms, and foodies find facts about GMOs. We’re dispelling myths, demystifying science, and enabling people to make up their own minds with facts in hand.

We're also using Facebook and Pinterest to help educate consumers on GMO issues. Our growing communities on both platforms contribute to additional visibility both within social spaces and in online search results for our images, content, and videos. Remember to follow our pages and like your favorite updates daily!

 Thank You to Our Supporters!

With your help we’ve expanded the conversation about GMOs through a series of salon dinners, meetings and presentations across the country this year, engaging industry groups, retailers, grocers, culinary professionals, registered dietitians, food banks, economic developers, chambers of commerce, government officials, environmentalists, bloggers, and reporters. As we look to continue this engagement, let us know how we can help you.