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GMO Answers Independent Expert Spotlight

May 23, 2014
GMO Answers has committed to doing a better job of answering the public’s questions on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This means ensuring that we have a robust collection of experts senior in the field of agricultural biotechnology who will answer your questions with the highest integrity. One of these independent experts is Ruth MacDonald, Professor and Chair, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Iowa State University.

Dr. MacDonald received her Ph.D. in Nutrition and Food Science from University of Minnesota, and since then, she has written multiple publications about the relationship between soy components and botanicals and breast, prostate, and colon cancer progression. Additionally, for the 17 years before her position at Iowa State, she served on the faculty at University of Missouri in the Departments of Food Science and Nutritional Sciences.

On the GMO Answers website, Dr. MacDonald has addressed questions ranging from “Can obesity be linked to GMOs?” to “What GM foods can be found in the grocery store?”. We encourage you to read her responses to some of the public’s most popular questions regarding GMOs here.

Lastly, interested in knowing how to explain GMOs to students grades 6 to 12? The Gilbert Community School District, a K-12 school located in Gilbert, Iowa, ran a piece by Dr. MacDonald in its newsletter. She does a wonderful job in breaking down the complicated science behind the understanding of GMOs.

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