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GMO Answers Launches Day in the Life Campaign

July 27, 2017
The Medium blog posts for GMO Answers in July have revolved around a central “Day in the Life” theme that explores the daily activities of volunteer GMO Answers Experts across a range of agricultural fields – including a farmer, scientist, agronomist, and dietitian. These posts allow readers to gain a first-hand perspective from experts on their professions, and to learn how biotechnology directly impacts their day-to-day lives. The posts also highlight the wide-spanning reach and impact of agricultural professions on the general public.

From taking care of his family, farm and local community, GMO Answers volunteer expert and Indiana farmer Brian Scott explains a typical day in his life in our first post, What This Indiana Farmer Wishes Everyone Knew About His Job.

In our second post in the series, There’s No Such Thing As A Typical Day For This Nutritionist, Connie Diekman explains that a day in the life of a dietitian is not so typical, ranging from working with athletic teams to developing meal plans for dining services.

Please visit the GMO Answers blog page to read these two posts, as well as all our posts, and keep an eye out for the last two installments in the series, from an agronomist and a research scientist.