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GMO Answers: What We’re Reading - December 2016

January 18, 2017
Each month, GMO Answers compiles a few of our favorite news stories into one post on the GMO Answers website.  This post covers a wide variety of topics related to agriculture and biotechnology.

This month’s installment has a theme of New Year’s resolutions and living up to one’s potential. We cover the potential environmental benefits of GMOs, the potential food security benefits with GMOs, achieving GMO full potential, and the future potential of GMOs.

Without further procrastination, which is what I’m working on for my New Year’s resolution, here are some of the stories we found interesting in December:

  • Survey Says: A new survey of American farmers and ranchers reports that 98% of farmer believe GMOs are the most important factor in their ability to lessen environmental impact on their farm.

  • Eat Your Genetically Modified Vegetables: A public forum in Los Angeles had panelists noting that GMO controversies are overblown, and that they distract us from bigger food problems, such as food security.

  • What Could Have Been: A new academic study looks at the potential economic and societal losses incurred by not adopting GMO technology sooner and more widely.

  • High-Tech Ag and the Future of Water: A research fellow writes that a variety of developments in high-tech agriculture, including biotechnology, can help in the fight against upcoming global water issues.

Head over to GMO Answers to read the latest issue of “What We’re Reading,” and explore the rest of the site while you’re there!