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GMOs Will Only Grow In Impact

October 25, 2016
Our world is facing challenges that can only be met by increasing the pace of innovation. That means we need to farm smarter – using all available technologies in ways that will enable us to value crop productivity and biodiversity equally.

Dr. Robert Fraley has written a new column at the GMO Answers site, “GMOs Will Only Grow in Impact.”  He wonders why GMOs and other advanced biotech tools are expected to have an even bigger impact within the next 20 years. The answers? One, the accelerating pace of innovation and two, farming smarter is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity.

He notes,
It has been 20 years since companies like mine first began selling genetically modified (GM) seeds to farmers – soy and cotton in 1996, corn in 1997. If you had told me then that by 2016, 20 seasons later, GM cotton, soybean and corn products would be widely planted by millions of farmers throughout the United States and around the world, I simply would not have believed you. And, if you had also told me that by 2016, GMO crops would be planted in 30 countries and used on an area the size of Alaska, I would have wondered whether you also believed in porcine flight.

No, none of us who were there from the start with GMOs ever dreamed they would be this successful. We knew we had something with considerable potential to improve agriculture, but who would have predicted that our biotechnology advances would be the most rapidly adopted innovation in recent agricultural history?

It’s hard to predict the future, but odds are biotechnology is here to stay.  To read Dr. Fraley’s entire post, please visit the GMO Answers page at