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Good Public Policy Key to Stable Biotech Investment Climate

February 14, 2017

It is an important and exciting time for the biotechnology industry. Science is galloping forward and investment continues to flow to promising programs across the country. The one area that can slow this growth and progress is uncertainly surrounding public policy and the potential for short-sighted laws and regulations that could stifle investment and slow the pace of innovation.  In recent months, we have seen the adverse impact of headline pressures on the industry, with social media and news stories impacting markets.

To help make sense of the public policy environment and what investors and entrepreneurs can expect coming out of Washington with the new Administration and the new Congress, the BIO CEO and Investor Conference convened a panel of leading experts to dive deep into the issues. 

Panelists include:

Susan Peschin, President & CEO, Alliance for Aging Research
Alex M. Azar II, Chairman, Seraphim Strategies
Jeanne Haggerty, Senior Vice President, Federal Government Relations, BIO
Johnathan Leff, Partner, Deerfield Management; Chairman, Deerfield Institute
Bryan Rye, Senior Health Policy Analyst, Bloomberg Intelligence

Peschin kicked off the panel by saying that the discussion would look to separate the hype of the headlines from what is more likely to happen.

As part of a far-ranging conversation, the Panel discussed the Trump Administration’s health care agenda, including the Affordable Care Act; tax reform, PDUFA IV reauthorization and a new FDA Commissioner.

A key thesis laid out was the importance of certainty in the policy arena, so that investors would continue to commit private capital into promising science.