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Goodbye, For Now, to our Summer Intern

August 15, 2014
Summer is winding down. Over the next few weeks, student will be returning to America’s college campuses to begin the Fall semester. For us here at BIO world headquarters, that means we are losing one particularly great intern. Kathryn “Kaylee” Mueller supported our Communications Department this summer, lending a hand in just about everything we do here. She has been a particularly prolific blogger.

Kaylee is a rising junior majoring in biology at Dickinson College, with a particular interest in Genetics, Neurobiology, and Evolution. Her career interests include healthcare and academics. She also happens to have a strong passion for Science Journalism, which makes BIO’s communications team pretty happy.

One thing Kaylee particular enjoys doing is taking complex scientific theories and process and visually presenting them as easier to understand concepts. Some examples of her handiwork can seen here. Kaylee says she also enjoys acting, modern dance and astronomy.

As if she weren’t well rounded enough, she happens to be a pretty good artist too.  Check out the below piece she presented to us earlier this week.