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Governors Take Center Stage at State Bioscience Economic Development Panel

June 6, 2018
Governors and policymakers across the country understand value of bioscience jobs whether they be health care, agriculture or industrial. The value of high paying bioscience jobs and a highly educated workforce drive the creation of initiatives to retain, grown and attract industry development in all fifty states and Puerto Rico.

BIO was honored to once again host North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper, Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rossello and South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard at this year's state economic development panel in conjunction with the release of the Investment, Innovation and Job Creation in a Growing U.S. Bioscience Industry 2018 report. During the panel each governor brought insight into the unique challenges and opportunities that exist as they continue their work as their respective state’s chief economic development advocate.

This eighth, biennial report focuses on the economic progress and footprint of the industry geographically including the performance, positioning and latest trends in the bioscience industry for the nation, states and metropolitan areas. For the first time, it includes a national assessment of the full economic impact of the bioscience industry not only in terms of employment, but also with respect to economic output and fiscal impacts.

The panel also featured report author Ryan Helwig, Principal and Project Director with TEConomy Partners. “The bioscience industry is vital to the U.S. not only as an innovation engine that is improving lives, but also as a major economic driver that is consistently generating high-quality jobs and significant economic output across the nation,” said Helwig.

[caption id="attachment_28359" align="aligncenter" width="664"] The industry is a major economic driver and is well distributed across U.S. states and cities.[/caption]


The TEConomy/BIO report includes individual profiles for all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, and can be found on the BIO website at