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High School BioGENEiuses Seek to Heal, Fuel and Feed the World

June 6, 2016

Today, a group of elite high school students from across the country, Canada and Germany competed in the International BioGENEius Challenge, taking place at the 2016 BIO International Convention, to showcase their innovative research. These students are part of a generation who are forward-thinking, socially minded and dedicated to creating sustainable solutions that can solve some of the most complex problems facing our world today and their world in the future.

Here is just a sampling of the projects that the BioGENEius students are taking on:

  • ARIA: Diabetic Retinopathy Prognosis via Hypertensive Modeling; ML-based Morphological Computer Vision for Rapid Ophthalmology

  • Novel Machine Learning Algorithms for Early Diagnosis of Melanoma

  • Role of Arabidopsis thaliana Volatile Organic Compounds in Intraspecific Communication

  • Exploring the Development of Antibody-Scaffolded Membrane-Fusion Inhibitors for HIV-1 Therapy

  • Predicting Graft Compatibility of Kudzu, Soybeans, and Garden Peas Through Peroxidase Analysis

As our nation struggles to engage students in STEM fields, the BioGENEius Challenge is providing biotechnology students with critical support and encouragement to excel in their chose fields.  While schools across the nation cheer on athletes, the BioGENEius Challenge offers a venue where exceptional students are cheered on by an entire industry. Through its sponsorship, Johnson & Johnson Innovation is taking an active role in changing and shaping the future of the biotechnology industry as well as the culture and character of these students’ educational experiences.

Each student was judged today by a panel of industry experts.  The winner will be announced tomorrow during the Tuesday BIO2016 keynote address.  The BioGENEius Challenge is organized by the Biotechnology Institute.