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How BIO Helps Save Biotech Companies Money

April 17, 2013

We all know that economic conditions and policy can affect the growth rate and sustainability of companies within the biotech industry. Whether a company is seeking an investment deal, creating partnership opportunities, or applying for FDA approval, BIO’s goal is to create avenues that will support the innovation of its member companies.

While some folks within the BIO organization focus on BIO’s mission by providing policy, advocacy and communication services, the Business Solutions team, simply put, helps you to save money.

World Class Cost-Savings Program

BIO Business Solutions® was established in 1996 as a cost-savings, affinity program managed by BIO for its members and state & regional biotech associations, at no additional charge. With over $300 million in annual sales, partners of the program are industry leading product and service providers that offer discounts to nearly 3,000 participating companies. Whether you need a pencil or a beaker, liability insurance or a way to get your company’s news out to the masses, BIO Business Solutions® has a discount program to help.

 Meeting Opportunities with BIO Business Solutions®

How do I enroll my company to get the benefits of these cost savings? To qualify, you must first be a member of either BIO or a participating state or regional biotech association. Secondly, your company must voluntarily enroll. For a brief overview of the program, we invite you to attend the Business Solutions presentation during the BIO International Convention on Tuesday, April 23 at 9:00 AM. The presentation will take place in the Chicago Bears room located directly outside of the main entrance of the Business Forum. You can also meet with our preferred suppliers during the Convention at the BIO Partner Pavilion (Booth #3651). While you are there, be sure to participate in the raffle drawing on Thursday, April 25 at 11:00 AM.

Remember that:

Generating Revenue + Cutting Cost = Increased Sustainability

 Don’t miss out on any part of this equation!