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How Do Patients Get Their Medicines During Hurricanes?

July 31, 2013
Hurricane season has grown to last six months - running June through November.
This means we are well into 2013's hurricane season.

Although the Eastern and Southern United States have seen their fair share of bad storms in the last few years, the most recent major hurricane to strike the U.S. was Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Surprisingly Hurricane Sandy in October of 2012 was not technically was not a hurricane, but a confluence of major weather events.

Meteorologists seem to agree that we are due for a major hurricane due to a combinationrx_response150 of weather and climate factors. With that in mind, Rx Response (of which BIO is a member) established two key programs that help citizens and communities recover from the impact of hurricanes.

The first of these programs, Rx Open, maps the location of open pharmacies in disaster impacted areas. The second, Rx on the Run, is an online tool that enables patients to enter information about prescriptions and contact information for medical providers and print the information on a wallet sized card.

You can read more about these important programs here.

Rx Open was deployed following Hurricane Sandy and mapped the status of over 10,000 pharmacies across an 11-state area. The tool’s success earned praise from Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano who thanked Rx Response leaders for Rx Open’s contributions.

More About Rx Response:

Rx Response is a valuable free resource that gives local, state and federal emergency management and public health officials a single point of contact to connect with the entire bio-pharmaceutical supply chain during both emergencies and non-emergency periods. Interaction with Rx Response during non-emergency periods can help establish important relationships that are instrumental in protecting the flow of medicine when a major disaster occurs. Also during non-emergency periods, Rx Response can be a valuable resource for emergency planning, joint exercises and other collaboration.