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How GMO Answers Marked Earth Month

May 1, 2018
Sustainability is a major food trend this year – it continues to enter our conversations, whether we’re talking about reducing food waste and plastic use or producing food in more earth conscious ways. People are asking more questions than ever before about the origins of food and its impact – not only on themselves but also on the world around them.

Yet, the environmental benefits of GMOs and how they check many boxes for sustainability has largely been missing from these conversations. Contrary to misconceptions, GMOs DO help protect the environment in more ways than most think.

To help spread the word about the environmental benefits of GMOs and encourage people to #RethinkEarthConscious foods, GMO Answers compiled a few big (well, billboard size) shareable suggestions based on common environmental questions asked on the GMO Answers website in a post called, Should GMOs Make You Rethink ‘Earth Conscious’ Foods? Yes.

  1. How are GMOs impacting the environment?

  2. What’s the deal with food waste and needing GMOs to help feed the world?

  3. Do GMOs contaminate the soil?

  4. What is the most beneficial impact of GMOs?

Put simply, GMOs have given farmers the ability to do more with less. They are also helping us solve major food challenges like citrus-greening disease, which is threatening an estimated 80% Florida’s citrus groves, and banana wilt virus in East Africa. Solving these issues on the farms where they start means local farmers can continue to make a living and provide enough orange juice and bananas to fill breakfast tables across the world.

So, the next time you’re engaging in conversations about sustainable foods – remember that GMOs are one tool in the modern farmer’s tool box that can benefit us all and the environment in many ways. Check out the GMO Answers website to read the entire post about GMOs, the environment, sustainability, and Earth Day!