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How Stonyfield Could Have Gotten It Right on GMOs

February 1, 2018
The uproar following yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm’s recent Facebook video ad featuring elementary school-aged girls perpetuating GMO myths was widespread. Within hours, hundreds of consumers, farmers and scientists condemned the brand for spreading misinformation and fearmongering.

GMO Answers has posted a new blog post to their Medium page talking about the video, and how the entire incident could have been handled better.  Here's what a company SHOULD do:

  1. Lead with science & facts.Don’t exploit consumer knowledge gaps. GMOs are safe!

  2. Inform consumers, don’t fearmonger.The Stonyfield video ended with the statement, “It’s important to know what’s in your food." That’s correct. So rather than exploiting their knowledge gaps, food companies have an opportunity to help educate, using science-based information and facts.

  3. Be open to skeptics & open dialogue.Whether discussing organic, conventional or GMO foods, it’s important to acknowledge consumers’ concerns and communicate with fact-based, open dialogue — banning adverse, but constructive feedback isn’t the answer.

Let’s be open to joining these conversations — even the tough ones.

If you have questions or need a resource, GMO Answers is here to help you understand GMOs and make informed food choices. We can also connect you with farmers, scientists and other biotechnology experts who can answer your questions about GMOs.