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Important South Dakota Biologics Substitution Bill Heads to Governor's Desk

February 5, 2018
One of BIO’s top priorities is passage of state laws that establish consistent standards for when a biosimilar prescription product can replace an original biologic product. BIO is pleased to report we’ve made significant progress advancing this important priority in the early weeks of this year.

Due to BIO’s advocacy efforts and the work of key allies, yesterday, the South Dakota state legislature approved the first biologics substitution bill in 2018. The bill will now be sent to Governor Dennis Daugaard, who is expected to sign the bill.

Meanwhile, similar proposals are moving through the legislative process in both Michigan and Wisconsin. While we face some opposition in those states, we remain confident policymakers are with us and will see the bills through to the finish line.

In addition to these promising efforts, biologics substitution legislation is also pending in Alaska, New Hampshire, Vermont and Wyoming.

Following Gov. Daugaard’s signature, South Dakota will become the 37th state, plus Puerto Rico, to enact biologics substitution laws—covering almost 90 percent of the U.S. population. BIO will keep up the pressure until all 50 states enact this important public policy.