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Innovate the Four ‘D’s When Pushing Forward Vaccine Development

June 28, 2011
The vaccine market is surging. From next-generation illness fighters in developed countries to treatment vaccines that combat infectious diseases throughout emerging regions, technological advances in this space and strategies to develop better existing vaccines as well as new products are in high demand.

Seasoned vaccine experts speaking at a vaccines panel session at the 2011 BIO International Convention shared with attendees a significant golden rule to follow: In order to ensure success, innovation is required throughout the entire pipeline—from design through delivery. So whether it’s the next cancer-fighting breakthrough or the drug that safeguards children from malaria, remember to innovate the four ‘D’s:

  • Design—Collaboration is your innovative key, here. It is challenging for one company-regardless of how global or leading it may be—to take on entire risk associated with vaccine design. This is especially true for next-generation vaccines. Scientific coordination and cooperation will be paramount for success.

  • Develop—Advocating for policy reform is the innovation path to success, here. Difficult to move vaccine development through most regulatory processes in any timely manner. Change is needed so more product can move forward.

  • Deliver—Innovative relationships—in the private and public sector—are especially important in developing regions. The landscape can be more challenging to navigate but you don’t (and shouldn’t) do it alone.

  • Demand—Innovation in creative, supportive engagements between patient and caregiver is the best success scenario for meeting demand. This is, however, the hardest one to innovate.