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Innovation and Choice: Leading Today's GMO Conversations

July 14, 2016
[caption id="attachment_22840" align="alignleft" width="150"] Celebrating 20 Years of Ag Biotech[/caption]

To commemorate 20 years of biotech innovation, we invited a diverse group of experts in academia, agriculture, science and media to discuss “The Future of GMOs & Their Role in Sustainability.” During the discussion, experts explored the impact of biotechnology and what’s next in the future. Through lively discussion and debate, several key points came to light.

Naomi Stevens, global head of Market Acceptance for Seeds at Bayer, notes that the farmers who produce our food need to be able to make choices that allow them to optimize crop inputs and yields, making quality food more available but with less environmental impact.

And as the population grows and more challenges arise, we must find more efficient and environmentally sustainable ways to feed billions. As Stevens pointed out, the opening of a dialogue about GM technology and its impact will allow people to ask questions and make informed choices to shape the way the future is fed.

For more information about our Table for Twenty event, please visit our post of the event.  And for more information about the Table for Twenty campaign, sponsored by CropLife International, please visit the Table for Twenty website.