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This Innovation Day, We Celebrate Plant Science Innovation

GMO Answers
GMO Answers
February 14, 2020

On Sunday, February 16th, we celebrate #InnovationDay.  In virtually every technology and industry, innovation is seen as a positive. Eco-friendly cars, personalized medicine, virtual reality, and smart appliances are seen as not only the wave of the future but as necessary to meet the demand of consumers. But somehow, innovation in food and agriculture is seen as a negative by many. We’re here to point out that innovation in food and farming is not only a positive but could be the only solution to feed a growing global population by 2050.

Plant science and agricultural innovation can help farmers increase their yields and income while improving rural economies and communities.  Plant science innovation can help bring new products to consumers while providing a wide array of choices in diet, nutrition, and taste. 


Here are some of our top resources on innovations in GMOs, plant biotechnology, plant science, and modern agriculture that will get you excited for the future of food and farms. Three cheers for innovation!

  • 20 Years of Biotech Innovation: A Roundtable Conversation
  • Plant Breeding and Genetics: Feeding the Future
  • Farms of the Future: GPS, Drones and More!
  • Plant Breeding Will Help Solve Global Challenges
  • What Society Gains from Plant Science Innovation
  • Healthier Soybeans: Innovations in Soy
  • How GMO Technology Saved the Papaya
  • How One University's Ag School is Transforming Agriculture

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