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Investors lining up for BIO CEO & Investor Conference

Nareg Sagherian
Nareg Sagherian
January 24, 2019

The past year has been a transformative one for the life sciences. Despite being faced with uncertainties around cost and pricing, pressure from an Administration threatening price controls and facing a new Congress next year, the industry continued to move forward on the innovation front. With sixteen FDA-approved cellular and gene therapy products on the market and more than 80 gene therapies and 46 CAR-T medicines in the pipeline, the industry shows no sign of slowing down. Enthusiasm for the industry will be obvious this February when more than 600 investors are expected to attend the 21st annual BIO CEO & Investor Conference in New York City. It is one of the largest investor conferences focused on established and emerging publicly traded and selective private biotech companies. The event has already attracted some of the most high-profile investors in the sector such as BMO Capital, C-Bridge Capital, GE Ventures, JP Morgan, Lilly Asia Ventures, Mitsui & Co Global Investment, MPM Capital, Oxford Finance, Qiming Ventures Partners, and Vivo Capital, with two months still to go (see the full list here).

Big pharma and biotech provided the highest deal volume and deal value of any individual sector within the life sciences industry, as the total number of announced transactions continued to increase in Q3 2018, even though overall value was down from the two previous quarters. According to PwC’s MoneyTree Report, venture capitalist’s invested over $27 billion across 1,229 US-based deals, with healthcare receiving the second largest amount of venture capital dollars at $5.4 billion across 205 deals. However, positive market activity in the coming year will depend on a number of factors, such as economic growth, capital market conditions, the venture capital pipeline, and the overall private equity impact. The uptick in interest rates along with inflationary pressure appear to pose treats to a positive forecast, along with continuing geopolitical concerns. The volatility in the US stock indices also repeatedly remind us that a market downswing could be on the horizon. Despite these factors, the record levels of “dry powder” coupled with the inflow of capital from abroad has intensified competition for quality deals and driven up prices on early-stage companies looking to go public without substantive Phase 1 data.

If history is any indication, corrections in the market eventually lead to investor opportunities and the BIO CEO & Investor Conference is the perfect place to source new frontiers in discovery and investment and ensure high-quality interactions between corporate and investor colleagues. This year’s event is again attracting investors from all stages and strategies of the investment life-cycle such as Deerfield Management, HC Wainwright, Hercules Capital, ROTH Capital Partners, SVB, and Wells Fargo. Meetings that might take weeks to arrange can be held in just two days at the BIO CEO & Investor Conference through BIO’s proprietary One-on-One Partnering™ system. The program permits searching company and investor profiles to evaluate potential collaborations and funding opportunities with participating companies and communicating directly with prospective investors and senior business and scientific management to pre-schedule private business development meetings.

The meeting also provides opportunities for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to do 13-minute pitches showcasing their pipeline, R&D activities, business objectives and investment goals. Presenting companies are hand-selected for the event and consist of mid-to large-cap established public companies, and select private companies, from around the globe. Applications to present may be submitted by clicking here.

As an added benefit, BIO has compiled an easy-to-use tool for potential investors and attendees to sort through the mass of presenting company-submitted data, optimizing time spent in preparation for, and during the 2019 BIO CEO & Investor Conference. The Data Download of Presenting Companies is a spreadsheet updated weekly as new companies join the program.

Ultimately, this unique event is designed to accelerate growth within the biopharma industry, catering to established entities and stakeholders looking to support them further and get more innovative treatments to helping patients sooner. Qualified investors attend for free. Click here to Register.