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IPO update: 28 IPOs, 24 on Deck

September 20, 2010
The number of IPOs slowed during the summer, but the queue has been filling nicely.  Fifteen more biotechs have filed to go public in the last month and a half, bringing the total to 24 globally. The two US IPOs this summer were from NuPATH and Trius. Again, we saw a reduction in the amount planned vs actually raised for these IPOs. On average, US biotechs have raised an amount 28% below what is first proposed.

In terms of performance, the following chart tells the story. The 13 US IPOs are listed by IPO date, with Cumberland (CPIX) being the 1st of the new window (Aug 2009). Stock performance is based on IPO date through 9/17/2010. Note that the only stock in positive territory, Talecris, was acquired.

Below is a list of recent IPOs and the 24 on deck: